Your Love Is Right For Me

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You are in my thoughts every minute of every day
I try to occupy my mind..but there is no getting away
I see you face.. your smile.. oh, your hypnotic eyes
And I start to shiver and shake as the temperatures rise

All I want is for us to be together
For when I'm with you.. I feel like a feather..
Floating on a warm Spring breeze
Or drifting upon the Seven Seas

Oh, how I wish they would carry me into your Loving arms
To feel such safety and warmth within' your Beautiful charms
But instead.. I rely on my wonderful Dreams
Where I spend each night with you.. it seems

Clinging to each other in a Loving embrace
Listening to the sound of our Heartbeats race
Feeling safe in the security of knowing..
That we Love each other.. our eyes are glowing

Though there is still so much confusion and fear left inside
From this eternal Love.. I cannot hide
For you have captured my very Soul
And now I am aiming for my ultimate goal

I have found a Love that is purely devine
You've given me your Heart and you have mine
I promise to Love and cherish your Heart forevermore
Because you have given me a chance to Love right down to the core

The only one I ever want is you
I have never felt a Love this true
You are the only one there ever will be
Because I know your Love is right for me


ŠK. Sverniessen


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Welcome to my page.. the poem above was written by myself for the Love of my life, who means the World to me.  I thought I would share it with you all as my token of inspiration and happiness.  Because it is my belief that if we all could live in serentiy, the World would be a living paradise for us all.


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