Personal Accounts of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks

This site is dedicated to archiving the life experiences of everyone affected in the tragedy of the 11th of September, 2001.   It does not matter where you were at the time you have a story to tell. This site is here for you put your story in words for the world to see and read.  We welcome everyone. What you put in your story stays yours and will not be altered in any way. I do ask that all content be of appropriate language and absolutely no profanity.

By Donna Spira
Worked on the 100th Floor of the South Tower

Ms. Spira worked on the 100th floor. She was on the 78th floor, at the skylobby, waiting for an express elevator, when the plane hit the South Tower. Eventually, she met up with two colleagues from her office, Kelly Reyher and Keating Crown. All three survived, making them three of the 18 people known to have gotten out of the building alive, from at or above the impact zone.

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By: Anna Egan
Brother worked at AON in the South Tower

Michael initially started evacuating, pushing his people into the elevators. My understanding is that they managed to get down to the 78th floor and then he was sent back up, along with 15 other people. At that point, Michael decided to go to the floor above in hopes that it was a bit more comfortable. He called at that point, and told me they were stuck on the 105th floor. There were 15 people lying on the floor, they couldn't breathe, it was unbearable. I asked him about his sister, Christine, and he said he had sent her out a while ago, but he didn't know if Christine made it out. They couldn't breath where he was. I was about to ask him who are the people with you, that's when we both saw it. We both said, ``Oh no, I love you darling.'' The line dropped and the building fell.

By: Bron
Sydney Australia

Each time i see footage of the planes hitting the towers, the towers collapsing, people walking through the dust, i am still shocked and horrified to tears. That anyone could perform such deliberate acts of hatred and cause such human suffering is almost unbelievable. To anyone who suffered because of the events on September 11 2001 please accept my deepest deepest prayers and love. You are all SO brave. Thank you for being so strong. All my love and prayers.

By: Lana

One year on the pain is probably still raw, I admit I have cried tears for those who perished and their friends and families today, god bless America, you are in our hearts today, but forever and always.

By: Alison Huggan
Pentagon Worker

A YEAR ago, Alison Huggan was sitting at her desk. It was Tuesday afternoon.  Her desk was in the Pentagon and that Tuesday was September 11.  A few days after the terrorist attacks which stopped the world, the Newmarket-born mother-of-two, who moved to the US six years ago, wrote of the horror of that day.  Now, she tells of life one year on.

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By: Brendan MacWade
Worked on floor 40 of the North Tower

Brendan MacWade
"At floor 25 we encountered the first firefighters walking up the stairs. The four men had beads of sweat on their faces and were carrying oxygen tanks, masks, and hatchets."

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By: Richard Prescott Stearns
Worked on Floor 8 of the North Tower

Richard Prescott Stearns
"Minutes later Tower 1 crumbled in front of us like some movie. It was so bizarre that you expected a producer to turn up and yell 'cut'."

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