Welcome to my Home Town..

I live in a tiny Town in England, situated on the North-West coast of the Lake District. This is great because it has all the natural environments you could wish for. The Sea and Beach is about 10 minutes away from my home. It is not as glamourous as the oceans of many Countries, but when the Sun comes out it's nice to have a dip.

This is a beach called "Tridley" and we take the boat out here alot in the summer.

If we go in the opposite direction for 10 minutes, we come to another beach:

This beach is called "Bardsea". I spend many hours watching the sunset and sunrise from this beach.

When I am not down the Beach I take a walk over a place called "Birkrigg Common", which is very Spiritual to many of the English, it is around 5 minutes away from my home and has many great features.. such as a "Stone Circle" and a "Quacker Burial Site".

This is a photo i took, looking down towards the shore at Dawn.

And this is the same place in Winter, looking down towards "Bardsea" shore. Here you can see the rooftops of some of the houses and the Church Steeple. On each of the 8 celebrations of the year we congregate around the stone circle and watch the sunset and rise.

Another great place that I visit regular is the "Canal", which is about a mile long and leads to the Sea at the far end. On a nice Summers day it makes a wonderful walk and a nice Picnic area too.

Sitting at the "basin" of the Canal is a delightful view right up the centre, here there are usually Swans and ducks which are very friendly and enjoy being fed with any scraps from your kitchen.

When the sun is setting and the birds are roosting, the calming tranquility can really be felt.

Looking out of my window i can see the Landmark that made my Town famous..

This is "Hoad Monument". Built in the shape of a Lighthouse, this monument is situated at the top of a hill, which overlooks the whole of my Town and the surrounding districts too. I have many a wonderful memory of climbing to the top and breathing in the fresh air.

Driving along the Country lanes of my town also gives some good views and many a pleasurable hours have been spent taking photo's and sketching drawings.

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