"My Beautiful Lakes"

Hi There, welcome to my Beautiful Lakes page. Here, where I live, in the 'Lake District' of England there are many weird and wonderful places to go and relax for a while.. just letting go of the Worlds stresses and strains.. whilst enjoying being "At peace with Nature, and oneself". Because I Love these places so much, I decided to share them with you as I am quite sure you will also appreciate the sheer Beauty of these Lakes..

For instance, this is a place called "Coniston Waters", where you can jump on board a ferry that will take you touring around the surrounding areas, which are full of marvellous mystical wonder and a calming manner. Or, If you wish, you can hire a boat and choose where you visit yourselves.. although, it is advisable to inquire about different places before setting off as alot of the Lakeside is privately owned.

This Lake is, from my point of view, the most beautiful and relaxing of all the Lakes here.. and believe me, there are lot's of Lakes to choose from. Here I swam the entire length of the Lake with a boat strapped to my back wearing diving gear.. it was really fun and I hope to do it again someday.

A little downstream from the above Lake. I have regularly taken a boat to visit the island in the middle as this is a wonderful secluded place to get away from the rest of the World for some peace and quiet. In the distance there is a light covering of snow in the peaks of the hills in the distance.

This picture was taken during a Winters stroll along the edge of the Lakes, you can still see the ice floating on the surface of the water.

Looking down at the same Lake.. From this angle it is easy to view and understand the sheer marvel and enchantment in the surroundings. I mean.. with the beautiful Woodland, the rippling water, the clean freash air.. how much closer can you get to nature??

This is a photo looking down at the basin ok a Lake, running through the Valley. In the background there is snow on the hills at the far end.

At the basin of a small Lake during mid Winter.. In this Country we do not get alot of snow.. just rain, rain and more rain..hehe. So it is nice to see a light covering on the hills in this delightful Valley.

Here the snow is covering the entire surface of the Lake. This particular year we had a deep freeze, with lot's of snow. As well as being a great view, it was very tempting to go out onto the Lake and walk across it.. which stupid enough we did. Being extremely lucky not to have gone through the ice. But it was an extraoridanry year which it really did freeze very hard..usually it doesn't freeze that hard so we won't be doing that again..hehe.

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