The First Time I Loved Forever...

The first time I Loved forever..
Was when you whispered my name
And I knew at once you Loved me
For the me of whom I am

The first time i loved forever
I cast all else aside
And i bid my heart to follow
Be there no more need to hide

And if wishes and dreams..
Are mearly for children
And.. if loves a tale for fools
I'll live the dream with you.

(or if your wish be to close me,
I and my life will shut very beautifully.. suddenly,
As when the heart of this flower..
Imagines the snow..carefully.. everywhere decending)

For all my life and forever..
There's a truth i will always know
When my world divides and shatteres..
Your love is where i'll go

(I do not know what it is about you..
That closes and opens
Only something in me understands..
The voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses.
No-body.. not even the rain, has such small hands.)


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