Fallen Angel

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It's alright for you to be here
There's no need to say a word
Just hold on now
This warm feeling still surrounds us
It's getting stronger everyday..
And I know you just feel the same

We both now how much has happened
We both feel each other's joy and pain
Without a word to say
And I feel this'll never stop
I can take over the World..
All on my own

And it feels like Heaven
And I feel like crying
And I feel like flying with you..
Fallen Angel

Sometimes when things get rough..
I will be here for you
And I'll relieve your pain
You don't have to be alone
Not ever anymore..
Those days are over now for good

And it feels like Heaven
And I feel like crying
And I feel like flying with you..
Fallen Angel

And here we are again..
No need to say a word
I'll just hold you close
This strong feeling never ends
It is here with us to stay..
Until the end

And it feels like Heaven
And I feel like crying
And I feel like flying with you..
Fallen Angel

My Beautiful Fallen Angel.. You!!

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