The Native-American Dreamcatcher

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Legend has it that Grandmother Spider,
Who sang the Universe into existence,
Was saddened by the bad dreams of her Human children
Grandmother Spider went to the Willow Tree
And asked him for his beautiful branches
She went to the Eagle
And asked him for his powerful feather

Then she bent the branches of the Willow into a circle
Connecting all the people of the World
She spun her Web of Wisdom around the Willow branches
To catch her children's bad dreams

Grandfather Sun's morning rays..
Burned away all the bad Dreams
Which had got tangled up in the Web
Any bad Dreams that were left..
Were turned into the morning dew.
These Dreams trickled down the length of the Eagle feather
And were given to the Earth.

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Playing Now - "Women of Ireland" by Claire Hamilton
(Recorded, Compressed and Arranged by
HOLST™ '99)

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