A Deeper Shade of Blue



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Playing now - "A Deeper Shade of Blue"
(Recorded, Converted and Compressed by HOLST™)

This song portrays, for me, my inner yearning and longing to be with the one I Love so much.   Being so far away is very difficult both mentally and physically for us both.  The constant "reaching out" of my Heart and Soul can cause so much pain because there is nothing I can do to stop it and myself from the missing, the wishing and the inner 'lost' feelings that overwhelm me.   Even though I know I will never lose my baby, these feelings get so strong and when we are apart I do not feel a whol.., a part of me is missing..

My Heart is always with my Love.

And she is and always will be my Love.


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The Video

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(Recorded, Converted and Compressed by HOLST™)

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