The Caves of Drach (Cuevas del Drach)

Caves of Drach Photo #1

Lake Martel - One of the Worlds largest underground Lakes

Known throughout the world. The Caves of Drach is a must visit site.. During my travels through Spain I visited these marvellous Caves and they have left a lasting impression in my Life through their sheer Beauty and natural elegance.

The caves contain Lake Martel, supposed to be the largest know underground lake in the world. With special lighting designed by Dr Buigas these cave of exceptional beauty play host to numerous concerts through-out the year.

Caves of Drach Photo #10

Another view of Lake Martel (Lago Martel / Lac Martel / Martel See)

The caves are open to the public all year round
Located outside Porto Cristo, on the South-west coast there are coach trips available or you can reach the caves by Hire car.

Caves of Drach Photo #2

Snow Mountain (Monte Nevado / Le Monte Nevado / Beschneiter Berg)

On walking around these glorious Caves you immediately feel a sense of calmness as you come as close as you can  get to Nature.

Caves of Drach #3

Further into the Caves you come across another part of the great Lake with a striking formation which, this is called The Ruined Castle (Castillo en ruinas / Chateau en ruines / Schloss in Ruinen)

Caves of Drach Photo #7

This section is called Diana's Baths (Banos de Diana / Bains de Diana / Bader der Diana)

Looking into the water of this Lake is like looking into pure blue crystal, seeing all the chambers that lay beneath the water.. it is so clear, I have never seen anything quite like it before in my life.

Caves of Drach Photo #4

Formations bizarres / Formaciones rebeldes / Bizarre Formen

Walking through the chambers you come across all kinds of exotic shapes formed by stalagmites and stalactites after many years of growth

Caves of Drach Photo #5

Looking down into the depths of this chamber you see a beautiful tiny, peaceful covern area which is named Small Beach (Pequena Playa / Petite Plage / Kleiner Strand)

Looking down into this, I so wished I could just sit there and forget all the external World, when the eye was caught by the natural beauty of the pure crystallic water it is easy to forget the outside World and be totally at ease with oneself.

Caves of Drach Photo #6

The walls of some chambers are named the Banners (Bandera / Drapeau / Fahne)

Parts of the chamber walls have a rainbow effect which is created by hundreds of years of formation.. this is actually a type of crystal name Agate and it is formed in many different colours.

Caves of Drach Photo #8

A huge chamber called Fairy Theatre (Teatro de las Hadas / Le Theatre des Fees / Feen-Theater)

Caves of Drach Photo #9

Monk and Cactus (Monje y Cactus / Le Moine et le Cactus / Monch und Kakteen)

Walking through these great natural sculptures it feels like this place is protected by the Guard/Guardian as you pass by going up the sandstone steps, you feel obliged to take a bow and ask for permission to pass though.



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