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You're Very Special To Us

You're special to us
You're someone we trust
We treasure the topics
That we have discussed

We're thankful for times
You have summoned a smile
We're grateful our paths
Have converged for a while

We're pleased by each confidence
You have displayed
We cherish these moments
You've sought to persuade

We're touched by the gestures
Of kindness you've shown
We've noticed how fast
All our hours have flown

We're feeling the force
Of a friendship that's true
We're fortunate knowing
A person like you

A rose for a very special person        A rose for a very special person

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To Our Dear Friend Patti..

Just a little note to say how much we appreciate everything you have done for us, we appreciate it more than words can say.. you are a true friend to us.. thank you!!!

If you have Love..

"And you certainly have our Love Patti"

Hope everything went well today with the surgery and it's not to painful, we have been thinking about you all day.. ("what did you say?, pardon?, huh?, Eh?"..lol).  Just kidding Sweetie, it'll look great when it's healed <G>

Lot's of Love from Herkk, Deb, Jenn, Kharm, Kier and the Crew.. hehe