At First You Were Missing
This poem is dedicated to all those World Trade Center victims who were never found.
John Brian Quinn.

I've been at this job
For over six months now
But on this day
I'm back where I was
So many years ago
Great memories
Stay with me
In the back of my mind
My second family
Lived in this building
And you were part of it

The late day hot sun
Turns into dark
Ominous clouds
A hard rain falls
That now means
No ballgame tonight
No matter really
Tomorrow should be
Just another day

At first when I wake
All I can feel
Throughout my body
Is a numbing pain
My eyes don't believe
What my TV shows me
I've stepped into
A surreal world
But I can't shake the feeling
That the worst
Is yet to come

Astronomical numbers
Are what I hear
And see and feel
For the next two days
Sleep won't come to me
Yet I can't awake
From this nightmare
The real dividing line
Will finally be crossed
A point of no return
From the opening
Of a simple e-mail

Five days crawl on by
The wait goes on
The word that reaches me
Is nothing but silence
That numbing feeling again
Covers me like a blanket
Your smiling face
And wonderful laugh
Have left my world
As all hope
Disappears into the night

A solitary stretcher
Covered by the Stars and Stripes
Climbs up a solemn ramp
As millions of tears
Explode from my soul
At first you were missing
But now
I just miss you.


To Remind Me Of That Day
By N.Ruth Mills

The leaves are turning gold,
But the color, not quite as bright,
A large nest left on a pole,
The eagle, now, is on its' flight

The view across this land,
Has really changed in just one way,
A flag is flying there,
To remind me of that day

The garden brought forth fruit,
And the taste, not quite as sweet,
My work is ever there,
More of a challenge, left to meet

Though, onward, I must go,
Another spring comes, by and by,
With the return of all the birds,
And the eagle flying high.


If I Knew
By Unknown

If I knew it would be the last time 
That I'd see you fall asleep, 
I would tuck you in more tightly 
and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. 

If I knew it would be the last time 
that I see you walk out the door, 
I would give you a hug and kiss 
and call you back for one more. 

If I knew it would be the last time 
I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, 
I would video tape each action and word, 
so I could play them back day after day. 

If I knew it would be the last time, 
I could spare an extra minute 
to stop and say "I love you," 
instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. 

If I knew it would be the last time 
I would be there to share your day, 
well I'm sure you'll have so many more, 
so I can let just this one slip away. 

For surely there's always tomorrow 
to make up for an oversight, 
and we always get a second chance 
to make everything just right. 

There will always be another day 
to say "I love you," 
and certainly there's another chance 
to say our "Anything I can do?" 

But just in case I might be wrong, 
and today is all I get, 
I'd like to say how much I love you 
and I hope we never forget. 

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, 
young or old alike, 
And today may be the last chance 
you get to hold your loved one tight. 

So if you're waiting for tomorrow, 
why not do it today? 
For if tomorrow never comes, 
you'll surely regret the day, 

That you didn't take that extra time 
for a smile, a hug, or a kiss 
and you were too busy to grant someone, 
what turned out to be their one last wish. 

So hold your loved ones close today, 
and whisper in their ear, 
Tell them how much you love them 
and that you'll always hold them dear 

Take time to say "I'm sorry," 
"Please forgive me," "Thank you," or "It's okay." 
And if tomorrow never comes, 
you'll have no regrets about today.


A Return to Greatness
By Harold B Matthews

In the blackened recesses of the remains, hope’s heart still beats
Angels of mercy beg to test their earthly wings
Knowing many, first to respond, have traded theirs in
But if ten or ten times ten must fall to save the one
That is who they are and they will  keep trying till the trying is long done

What you who would challenge us do not understand
Is you will sacrifice to destroy and we to save to the last woman or man
What you see as a devastating blow is a unifying  relentless storm
Driven by a will and resolve you could never break or own

This is our home you have desecrated
Our family, by your hands maimed and killed
The black cloud you left will not rest until it is returned
And the storms lust for justice fulfilled

In the shadow of Liberty’s Light and within sight of Democracy’s Heroes
You grasped the bodies minds and souls of innocents and used them as weapons
Thrusting them against yet more innocents and we knew one day you would
We the free people of the world let a gangrenous infection live

Let you be coddled, suckled and breed
Allowed you to inspire others with your blasphemous disease
You have shown us our failures and our strengths
And we must take responsibility for too little, far too late

We’ve grown fat and lazy in the post cold war
Leaned on mindless technology more and more
Assumed our enemies were mostly without teeth
You have delivered what we desperately needed to regain our strength

Found or not, you will be the forever hunted
Tried or not, the forever dammed and convicted
We will continue to be free and in the pursuit of personal happiness
And now you have provided the catalyst to return US to Greatness
Harold B Matthews The Gardendoctor
Vietnam Vet   First Vice Post 11


By Christine M Wood

Pierced by an Arrow, 
The tall buildings stood, 
the quiet field or meadow, 
and the place they never could. 

Three unlikely places... 
the shock of many faces, 
the telephone calls, 
and the people in the halls. 

The tall buildings crumbled, 
All Americans mumbled; 
How could this really be, 
Not once but Times Three! 

Never had many seen this horror, 
Never had so many earned our honor. 
In a matter of an hour, 
Everyday people began to tower. 

Police & Fire from NY, DC, and PA, 
Had their worst and finest day. 
Heroes , this ordinary housewife 
Won't forget all her life. 

American Pride Meant little to me, 
Now it means everything... TIMES THREE!!


Why Did They Hate My Mommy So Much?
By Harold Blair Matthews

“Daddy what did Mommy do to make them hate her so much?
Did she make their Mommy go away forever
or show them her plane blowing up over and over?
Did she not let their Mommy give them any more love?
Please daddy tell me what did my Mommy do to make
them hate her so much?”

Sweet baby girl I wish I knew just what and how to tell you
What I do know is they did not hate your Mamma, no one could
If they had only gotten to know her before they did this awful act
She would have brought a light to their eyes and love to their hearts
Your Mamma would have said “They’re not bad men
they just never had the right people to love them.”

Remember that mange dog she brought home
and that crazy wild kitten she picked up on the road?
Right in the middle of rush hour she makes me pull over
backs up traffic for an hour, finally getting the motherless one cornered.

Do you remember her getting scratched from head to toe
her best church dress all dirty and torn
but oh how she smiled and cried
you and I were so embarrassed we tried to hide.

If these men had just gotten to know your sweet Mamma
I truly believe they could not have helped loving her
You could line up all the best  soldiers of hate
and your Mamma would be the only angel love would need.

But hate may be the only “ love” they ever knew
to die for hate’s sake their only understood truth.
You my sweet child were raised with love  by loving hands
Hate is something we hoped you would never know or need to understand
Even though hate has found you, you cannot let it change your soul.

You know what I like to think, when I think of that time
when Mamma knew she would soon be by the Lord’s side
I see her taking one of those men by the hand to ease his fear
She would not be afraid, long ago making peace with her Maker.

She knew she was loved, is loved and had lived her life well
It would be him that needed her forgiveness, love and will
being who she was, she would have felt his pain
not hesitating for a moment to come to his aid.

I believe, if in that moment, he had looked in your Mamma’s loving eyes
To save one with so much compassion and good he would have laid down his life.
Those men did not hate your Mamma sweet little lady of mine
They just had not known people like her before that time.

Your Mamma’s soaring with the angels where everyone knew she would
And you can believe your Mamma would have taken one of them with her
if there was any way she could.
We all miss her, no doubt you most of all and what could be said to justify
your Mamma not being here to share and guide the rest of your life
or any of us not having the time to say “I Love you, good bye”
I know you need her, I need her too,
its hard to go on without your mother, my best friend and wife.

I listen for her voice, each time I answer the phone
Look for her face, each time I come through the door
and it hurts real bad when I realize she’s gone.
You and I, with her help, will survive and learn to celebrate life together
And I can promise you this my sweet little miss
We will  never ever  stop loving or missing or remembering your Mamma.
There was a greater need, a special purpose only your special mother could fill
She did not want to leave but she had a kitten to save, maybe against its will
And remember how that crazed kitten purred once she held it to her breast
once it felt her warmth and heard the truth that beat in her chest.

Your mother could win over  any beast or person in the world
and her love is still growing celebrated by every flag that is unfurled
Strangers are taking the hands of strangers and her love is there
If you close your eyes and look inside you’ll know she’s still here.

Maybe the only way to set her powerful love free so it could touch so many
was for her to be on that very plane, on that very  day.
I believe in that flash and smoke you see over and over in your mind
If you look for the good hard  enough,  you will see the sweet glow
of your Mamma’s smile.

That  light is to awaken and guide, to strengthen and unify
and whose sprit could better lead or brighter shine
than the one who unconditionally loved all, including you and I.
What you are seeing as the planes crash and the buildings crumble
is the sudden release of loves purest energy
from all those good and innocent people.
These are a mighty united force of Angels needed in the army to battle evil.

Good was loosing now its winning, the world is changing before our eyes
Their ultimate sacrifice is reaching out to wherever there is life
Good people are stepping up to  joining in the fit
Evil, hate and ugliness are running to hide.

Every gentleness, every generosity, every bell that rings
every prayer prayed, every hand held,  every song we sing
inspired, driven and fired  by the souls called up on that day
We will have a better life and if we try, live it in a better way.
All will miss and  cry and  get mad for what we were denied
and no one can ever tell anyone it was fair or that this loss will be all right
But we know that  lights of love that bright will burn forever
that much good released together  is an awesome  overwhelming power
And one of those precious souls, shinning her light, is your sweet Mamma..

The pictures and words of destruction repeated so many times
is a message of a new beginning where evil will fall and good will rise
No spirits or souls were injured that day except for those who had lost their way
and maybe one or more of them in that moment of truth joined Good’s Army.

There is always a fit between good and bad, with hate not hard to find
To honor all these good people we must battle the evil in our own minds
find and hold close all the kittens in the world
 stop those who would do them harm
Like your mamma stopped a thousand cars
and then protected the  lost one with her arms

There are lots and lots and lots  of kittens
and your Mamma is still out there trying to bring them all home
And you, sweet motherless kitten, you are still her most very, very special one.
I try to remember that day not as the day I cried and cried
but as the day the world felt your Mammas love and saw over and over her
brightest everlasting Smile.

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