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You have special angels
Who are always by your side
They are forever with you
They will always be your guide

They will tell you not to worry
They will tell you just to smile
They'll say to send out love
And to pray a little while

Whenever you are feeling sad
Afraid, or just unwell
Tell them how you're feeling
Just ring there little bell

They'll say to pick some roses
And to give them to a friend
For love is sorrow's medicine
It will always help you mend

Whenever you are feeling sad
Afraid, or just unwell
Tell them how you're feeling
Just ring there little bell

And you have a very special angel
Who is always by your side
For I am forever with you
I will always be your guide

My Love..


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It is our aim in making these pages to make you smile and bring a little inspiration into your lives through poetry and music.  We absolutely lurrrrve romance, meaningful and emotional enlightenment, so we thought this would be a brill thing to base many of our pages on.

Many of the images/graphics & music on our pages are designed and created by us and alot of the poetry/songs are written by us.  Some of the poetry/song lyrics and music we have included in some of our pages that are not our own, are ones we love and have really touched or inspired us in some way.. and by sharing these with you, we hope that they will have the same effects on you too.. :-).


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Playing now - "Angel"
(Recorded, Converted and Compressed by

"Angel" has a interesting story behind it.

It initially began life as a poem written by the Author's own mother, Julie. One of Mom's friends -- her name was Wendy -- had recently passed away after battling with a terminal illness for months. One night, not long after Wendy's death, some words popped into Mom's head and a poem took shape in a matter of minutes.

But this was no ordinary poem.

Before she passed away, Wendy had a little bell that she would ring whenever she needed something. She also had a passion for roses and grew a variety of them in her garden. Both of these facts were unknown by Mom at the time of writing.  However, they somehow found their way into the poem and consequently -- the song.

Some believe that the poem is a direct message from Wendy's spirit to her two young children.  It is certainly an interesting thought.

After reading the poem myself, I decided it would translate well into a lullaby-type song. "Angel" is the end result.

PLEASE NOTE: The words written above are not the original lyrics and have been changed slightly to represent the meaning of these pages and "Sauls Angels".  The Song you hear is the original though..

We hope you enjoy it.


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In memory of those who lost their lives
In the National catastrophy
That took place on September 11th, 2001.
We mourn for them and express
Our deepest sympathy to their families.
God Bless America!

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Copyright Notice

("I know.. boring!!!!.. but I have to put it in print *S*")

Please do not copy any of the graphics, music or text off of any of my web pages.. this is because some of them are protected by copyright (this means it is illegal to use them without the owners permission) and others have been passed to us by friends and we like to give and receive credit where it is due.. hehe.  So, if you would like to use any of the graphics etc, off of our pages, please email us and let us know, we will usually welcome the idea.

Please Note: All music, lyrics and graphics that have not been written by us, we have given a credit link to the relevant site(s) on the pages which they are used.   Please do not take any of the graphics, music or text off of our pages..

These pages have been created for entertainment purposes only and in no way are made to breach any laws of copyright or any other civil laws.

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